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प्रातः वंदन

गलत व्यक्तियों का चयन हमारे जीवन को प्रभावितकरे या न करे लेकिन,,, एक सही व्यक्ति की उपेक्षा हमें जीवन भर पछताने परमजबूर कर सकती है …!!गलती करने के लिए कोई भीसमय सहीRead More…


Learn Android SQL Lite Basics

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Mobile Application Development

Welcome to program of Mobile Application Development In this program you will learn following: Mobile Application Development Basic Android application Development Fundamentals Android UI many more Prerequisite: The student should have  basicRead More…


Diabetes Control

मधुमेह को नियंत्रण करने के कुछ आसन से घरेलू उपाय तुलसी के पत्तों में ऐन्टीआक्सिडन्ट और ज़रूरी तेल होते हैं जो इनसुलिन के लिये सहायक होते है । इसलिए शुगर लेवल कोRead More…


Diabetes Symptoms

मधुमेह लक्षण बार-बार पेशाब आना।बहुत ज्यादा प्यास लगना।बहुत पानी पीने के बाद भी गला सूखना।खाना खाने के बाद भी बहुत भूख लगना।मितली होना और कभी-कभी उल्टी होना।हाथ-पैर में अकड़न और शरीर मेंRead More…


Be good as you are!

People may destroy your image , stain your personality but they can’t take away your good deeds because no matter how they describe you, you will still be admired by those whoRead More…

  1. Don’t know

    Rule no. 1, don’t ever say ‘don’t know’ to the boss. They ask  something because they have trust on you , will help them find an answer. So, even if you don’t know the answer, tell will find out and get back with solution.

  2. That’s not how we used to operate

    No comparisons. More than pointing a finger on the operational capabilities of the current boss, it shows you in a bad light. Your boss will feel you are rigid and not flexible and adaptable.

  3. Don’t have time

    One should never say that to the boss, it undermines one’s own significance. This statement positions one as someone who is lacking. It has to be ‘I Can’ or ‘I Will’ always. Even if one are neck-deep in work try taking out sometime and do that extra work.

  4. Can’t believe what you did

    Bosses are also humans and can make mistakes. Bad decisions or good one should not pass any derogatory comments for the bosses.One can always critique an idea before a decision is made, but after a decision has been made, never critique ,it will be seen as negative.

  5. We all feel the same way

    Don’t generalise statements. It could be the case that majority of the employees hold the same opinion about a certain thing but going outright and telling that to your boss on their face is incorrect. What if he doesn’t feel the same and what if when confronted nobody comes forth to take a stand?



Web design is as much a science as it is an art form.  Any web designer worth his salt will develop a strong core of fundamentals to make himself stand out fromRead More…