ChatGPT for Education

An inexpensive solution that helps colleges ethically introduce AI to their campuses.

ChatGPT Edu is a customized version of ChatGPT designed for academic institutions to use AI responsibly for researchers, instructors, students, and campus operations. ChatGPT Edu, which is powered by GPT-4o, has sophisticated capabilities like data analysis and can reason both through text and vision. This new product is reasonably priced for educational organizations and has enterprise-level protection and controls. How is ChatGPT used on campuses nowadays? ChatGPT may assist with a wide range of duties on campus, including assessing resumes and offering individualized coaching to students, assisting researchers with grant applications, and supporting instructors with feedback and grading.

Introducing AI to the upcoming academic year:

In order to expand on these uses, ChatGPT Edu is created, an approachable choice for colleges and universities looking to implement AI on a large scale. ChatGPT Edu comprises:

  • Access to GPT-4o, our flagship model with exceptional coding, math, and text interpretation skills.
  • Sophisticated features include web browsing, document summarizing, and data analytics.
  • The capacity to create GPTs, or personalized ChatGPT versions, and distribute them within academic workspaces.
  • There are much greater message limits than ChatGPT’s free version.
  • Enhanced language proficiency in terms of both speed and quality, with support for more than 50 languages.
  • Strong administrative controls, data protection, and security measures like group rights, SSO, SCIM 1, and GPT management .
  • OpenAI models are not trained using conversations or data.

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