ॐ (OM) उच्चारण के 11 शारीरिक लाभ

ॐ (OM) उच्चारण के 11 शारीरिक लाभ : ॐ : ओउम् तीन अक्षरों से बना है।अ उ म् ।“अ” का अर्थ है उत्पन्न होना,“उ” का तात्पर्य है उठना, उड़ना अर्थात् विकास,“म” काRead More…


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your body doesn’t make or use the hormone insulin properly. It causes too much blood glucose (sugar) to build up in the blood. There areRead More…


Get Away from 3 D’s

What 3D’s are? Disease Doctor  Drug First learn how food is digested What to Do? Only Some Do & Don’ts Avoid (dont’s) Snacking (do’s) 1.Packed food 2.Refined food 3.Dairy food/Animal foods 4.NutritionalRead More…


Happy Teacher’s Day

T– Talented E– Elegant A– Awesome C– Charming H– Helpful E– Efficient R– Receptive