Here’s what you need to know about the counting process for the 2019 Lok Sabha Election:

  • The counting will begin at 8 am on May 23.
  • The Returning Officer and the Assistant Returning Officer will take the oath to maintain the secrecy of voting and read it out aloud before the commencement of counting.
  • The EVMs will be inspected before the counting starts. This will be done in the presence of the Returning Officers.
  • Contesting candidates along with their counting agents or election agents have the right to be present at the counting centres. Counting agents oversee the counting of votes.
  • Postal ballot papers will be counted first, after that starts the EVM counting. Counting is done under the supervision and direction of the Returning Officer.
  • In case of destruction or loss of ballot papers at the time of counting, the Returning Officer will immediately report the matter to the Election Commission.
  • Depending on the situation, the ECI may allow the counting to be completed or declare the poll to be void and order repolling.
  • If the counting ends without any complain or in the absence of any direction from the ECI, the Returning Officer declares the result on completion of counting.

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